The Racehorse Bubble story starts this week.
In the upcoming years the world will encounter a racehorse price bubble, with high end horses trading at 50 to 100 times today’s prices. This price surge will create multi-billion dollar “celebrity” racehorses that will compete for the world’s most sought after racing trophies and draw audiences of such a size that no other sport will be able to compete in terms of reach.
The beginning of this trend will be traced back to a dinner party which genuinely takes place on Tuesday, 23rd April, 2013 in Shanghai, China.

The host? China’s oldest racing establishment, The Shanghai Race Club. The venue? A remarkably appropriate setting on the Shanghai Bund in the former headquarters of the Jardine Matheson trading company, one of the earliest and most powerful foreign companies ever to exist in Mainland China. Jardine Matheson’s Chairman, William Keswick himself an obsessive racehorse owner and incidentally the first investor in the Shanghai Race Club, back in 1862.

The guests attending this iconic 2013 dinner are some of the wealthiest families in Mainland China. The company names on the cards placed on the tables include The Bank of Communications – one of the top 5 banks in the country and Shanghai Chengtou the formidable luxury real estate developer with a great deal of control over the supply of drinking water to Shanghai’s city of 17 million citizens.The attraction is an orientation to Royal Ascot – the world’s most prestigious horse racing event. At least half of the dinner guests are expected to attend Royal Ascot in Great Britain this year, followed by a trip to the legendary Jockey Club’s Clubhouse in Newmarket and visits to some of finest racehorse yards nearby.

This surge of interest in racehorses in Mainland China can be attributed to a lift in personal wealth across the nation and also, as anything in the 21st century, to the effects of technology. Since it will shortly be possible (June 2013) for a person anywhere in Mainland China with a mobile phone and internet access to buy a European racehorse.

The technology named ( in Chinese) is a dual language (English/Chinese) online racehorse store developed by The Shanghai Race Club with support from Attheraces, RacingUK and the prestigious Highclere Racing. The online store is designed to make it easy for people in Mainland China to browse through a list of racehorses based in Europe,try them or purchase them, stay up to date with training progress and then watch the horse race – also in Europe.

As the concept of catches on the number of new racehorse buyers will increase dramatically, creating a surge in the price of racehorses around the world.

If you would like to support this vision coming true or would like more information about The Shanghai Race Club or adding your racehorse to please contact