SRC makes history with live racing racing channel in Mainland China

June 21, 2013

At The Races and the Shanghai Race Club, Mainland China’s legendary horseracing brand, confirmed today that they have partnered with the territory’s leading online streaming platform, PPTV, to launch the first ever horseracing channel to be streamed live in China. The racing channel named Pao Ma – from the sound of the Chinese characters meaning more »


Shanghai Race Club members at Royal Ascot

June 20, 2013

Shanghai Race Club heritage matchbox

June 4, 2013

Attached is a picture of a old matchbook of the shanghai race club. This was given to my grandfather by a Japanese Army Personnel during the Japanese occupation in Malaya during the 1940s. He gave my granddad his whole collection of matchbooks. I found this very interesting one which might have some historical value for more »