On the last day of each month the Club performs a count of the new badge number holders in each city.

Each of the the 3 cities  with the highest amount of new badge number holders will receive 3 followers badges (£170) as complimentary  gifts. The Shanghai Race Club assigned Duke or Duchess of the City will determines which badge number holder receives theses gifts.

The contact details of each new Badge number holders is monitored to ensure the highest level of  authenticity and accuracy. Non responding or inaccurate registrations will be excluded from the monthly count.

The Duchess or Duke titles of the 5 cities with the lowest amount of new badge holders will be transferred to an alternative badge number holder.

Shortly after the monthly count the Duchess or Duke of the fastest growing 3 cities is emailed a list of usernames for badge numbers holders in their city. No otherwise personal or contact details are disclosed.  The Duchess or Duke is requested to select 3 usernames within 3 days. These users will be contacted by The Shanghai Race Club to make the gift  delivery or collection arrangements.

If gift delivery is requested a standard £5 international packaging and shipping charge is  charged to the recipient.

In the case of a dispute the decision of The Shanghai Race Club decision will be final.

This activity will end on 31st December 2011.

For more information please contact