Shanghai Race Club board silver item 01: The State Landau Royal Carriage

This highly collectible silver item is the carriage used by the Prince  William and Miss Middleton in the 2o11 Royal Wedding and part of the Landau series of carriages used by the Queen of England at Royal Ascot. The Carriage was built in 1902 for King Edward VII.

This item is carefully crafted in solid silver and finished in white gold to ensure its continual shine.

The silver item is thoughtfully designed to be used as tradeable board game piece or worn as a fashion/mobile phone accessory.

Every silver item is stamped with the SRC monogram and comes with an unique electronic genuine item certificate to verify authenticity.

3 differing length dark saddle leather brown carrying cords are included: 1.Mobile phone 2. Wrist 3. Neck.

The item dimensions are as follows: Height:10mm. Length 22mm All items are shipped in a Shanghai Race Club gift box.

£170 including worldwide delivery. Click to order.

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