Listed in alphabetical order.

Byron Constable

Byron Constable is a leading authority in online marketing and consumer brand building in Mainland China. Originally from London, England, Byron has spent over ten years advising major global companies on how to use Web-based technologies to build their brands in China. Over the course of his career, Byron has founded two companies, held advisory positions to a national government, established business and social organizations, and been selected as a key-note speaker to numerous international business conferences both in China and the U.K.

In addition to his entrepreneurial achievements, Byron has held official government advisory positions to the Chinese Ministry of Public Security to support the ethical use of online consumer data. In this role, Byron coordinated a trilateral international agreement among the governments of the United Kingdom, the United States and China to set new email marketing standards. He then went on to assemble over one hundred of the industry’s leading company executives and high level government officials at Tiananmen Square in Beijing to coordinate efforts in the field of online security. Delegates speaking at the event included William Ehrman, British Ambassador to China, Yan Ming, head of research at the Ministry of Public Security, and William Ding, CEO of NetEase.

In 2008 Byron was featured in Esquire as one of the U.K.’s top 10 business leaders in China. Outside of his professional capacity, Byron enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters in Shanghai, and studying social science, Chinese history and game design.

Daniel Du

Great Grandson of the legendary Du Yue Sheng –  one of the most broadly  known personalities in China  associated with 1930’s Shanghai.

Currently in his 19th year of advertising, design and branding career across four continents. Danny was raised and graduated in South Africa and began his career in the United Kingdom before returning to South Africa for DDB and Grapplegroup before starting up Du Brothers Design, a highly successful design agency specialising in the creation of brands.

In 1997 Danny relocated to Sydney Australia as the Creative Director at the design division of Bates and then as the principal and founder of Du Brothers Design Asia Pacific, he is respected in his field having worked on many leading international brands and has a strong track record in the creation, planning, implementation and management of brand identities and experience.

More recently Danny relocated to Shanghai China as the Creative Director at The Brand Union.

Peter Hibbard

Peter Hibbard has a background in urban planning and sociology, but decided to turn his attention to the development of the Chinese tourism industry in 1983. He was a visiting scholar at Hong Kong University’s Centre of Asian Studies in 1985/86. He now specialises in researching the historical development of tourism in China and plotting the historical development of Shanghai. He has produced a wide range of publications and is author of the Shanghai section of Odyssey Guide’s “Beijing and Shanghai: China’s Hottest Cities” and “The Bund Shanghai: China Faces West”. Mr Hibbard is currently project historian for the restoration of the north wing of the Peace Hotel and President of the recently resurrected Royal Asiatic Society China in Shanghai

Wang Anshi

Wang Anshi,  Advisor to the Cultural Protection Committee of Shanghai and retired senior Shanghai government official. Mr. Wang is one of the most active supporters for the preservation of Shanghai’s heritage, and has particularly strong expertise and involvement in the re-development of The Bund.

Yuhua Chen

Yuhua Chen graduated from China’s prestigious Tsinghua university with two bachelor degrees and then completed his education with a  master degree from London School of Economics.   Yu Hua was part of the senior management team in China for Gartner, the worlds leading IT consulting group and is a active developer of the LSE alumni network in China.